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Residents Still Expressing Concern Over Lebanon Airport

It seems like it was just yesterday that Lebanon Airport received some negative feedback from area residents about their new hazard beacons.

Well now the local airport is under fire once again after they presented a new improvement plan that would bring renovations to the runway and airport taxiways.

A forum was held on Tuesday night with the public, airport officials, and the two consulting firms leading the project: McFarland Johnson and Vanasse Hangen Brustlin out of New York and Massachusetts respectively.

The Valley News reports that feedback was mixed, with area residents, including those who live on neighboring Poverty Lane, favoring this project in that it won’t be as detrimental to the surrounding area than previous projects. However, residents did not hesitate to express their concern about the project’s cost to taxpayers and the city’s municipal budget.

Other concerns focused on the noise and light impact and the environmental impact.

The proposal plan will go in front of the City Council in February.

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