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Claremont’s New Mayor, City Council Sworn In

It is official, Claremont’s newest mayor and city councilors were sworn in Wednesday night during the first council meeting of the new year.

Mayor Charlene Lovett earned a significant victory over incumbent mayor Jim Neilsen back in November, with newly-elected councilors Scott Pope, Allen Damren, and Bruce Temple also having won their bids for office.

Lovett is scheduled to present an outline of her top priorities during the city council’s next meeting January 13th, which is said to include the creation of a finance committee for thorough critiques of proposed budgets, as well as the establishment of a policy committee to review all city ordinances.

Lovett has also said she wants to run council meetings more efficiently, with things always wrapping up by 9:30 p.m.

To do this, Lovett said she plans to more aggressively control the public comment portion of meetings by stopping comments that are either off topic or irrelevant.

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