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Ex Ted Cruz Supporter Endorses Donald Trump

On Tuesday night at Trump’s rally, prior to him speaking, supporters heard from a new face to the Trump campaign, although he’s a not-so-new face to fans of fellow candidate Ted Cruz.

On Monday, the Trump campaign office released the announcement that Andrew Hemingway, a known New Hampshire activist and entrepreneur, formerly a supporter of Ted Cruz, has endorsed Donald Trump. He was present at last night’s Claremont rally and spoke of the front runner, praising him for his know-how and financial ability to win over the Granite State.

Hemingway had previously served as the state director for Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential run and is the former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus.

He will act as co-chair of the campaign in New Hampshire and will thus play a key role in helping sway Granite State voters to put a checkmark next to Donald Trump’s name come primary time.

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