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Springfield Unveils $11M Budget Proposal for 2017

Residents of Springfield VT got their first glimpse at a proposed budget for the 2017 fiscal year Tuesday night complete with a 2.8-percent increase to the town’s current budget.

Town Manager Tom Yennerell unveiled the $11-million dollar proposal during a regularly-scheduled meeting Tuesday night in which he broke down the budget from department to department.

If approved by voters in March, the budget would include four-percent raises the town’s union employees, and cover a six-percent increase in healthcare costs for town employees.

Taxpayers would face an increase of slightly more than three-percent from their current rates, with nearly $1-million dollars in taxes needed.

Residents can breathe easy as far as Springfield’s school budget is concerned, however, with the 2017 proposal coming in at around $6,000 dollars less than the district’s current $28.9 million dollar budget.

Both budgets are still susceptible to revisions before being put to voters in March.

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