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Lebanon Bike Trails Reopen for Winter Biking

So what are the sports we normally associate with winter? Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating and the like, but what if we told you that winter mountain biking is popular in our region?

Well you should believe us because the Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association has just reopened their Boston Lot trail system in the Lebanon Nature-Walk plot for winter biking. Members of the Upper Valley Mountain Bike Club have been busy packing snow on the trails with snowshoes, which creates terrain that is perfect for fat tire bikes.

It is possible to hit the Boston Lot trails with regular tire bikes, provided you put on a pair of studded tires and the trail has been groomed and packed down nice and tight.

However, a fat bike will give you more surface area and will allow you to float, so to speak, across the snow.

Besides the Boston Lot system, the Hartford Town Forest and French’s Ledges in Plainfield are groomed by cross country skiers and fellow fat bikers, allowing you to keep biking year round.

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