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Dartmouth Swimmer Likely Suffered Blackout in Pool

An update in the tragic story we brought you Tuesday regarding the drowning of Dartmouth swimmer Tate Ramsden while he was vacationing in Florida.

According to ABC, experts are saying that the cause of death was likely “shallow water blackout”, where a swimmer faints after holding his or her breath for too long underwater. Ramsden was in a YMCA pool in Miami Florida and was practicing for endurance, having already swam 4000 yards before trying to swim 4 laps underwater without surfacing. It was during the second test of endurance that Ramsden suffered likely suffered from “shallow water blackout”.

The Dartmouth junior was originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and was at the pool with his sister, uncle, and cousin when the incident occurred.

Ramsden was a member of the Dartmouth swim team both his freshman and sophomore years, and was scheduled to graduate with a degree in economics in 2017.

Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon expressed his sympathies to students and faculty in an email sent Monday.

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