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Warmest Christmas Ever Encourages Summer Sports

We are back with weather news that we all no doubt experienced for ourselves last Thursday and Friday for the holiday.

The warmest Christmas Eve and Christmas on record in the Northeast was felt by residents of our area, with temperatures in the mid to high 60’s on Christmas day.

Road bikers were out en masse on Christmas Eve day, taking advantage of the warm weather to get some last minute pedalling in. Biking wasn’t the only summer sport that we saw this holiday, as Sunapee resident Steve McGrath took to Lake Sunapee on Christmas Day for some water skiing!

Steve, who is an alpine ski instructor at Mount Sunapee Resort has gone downhill skiing on Christmas Day every year for over 40 years. However, Steve had to get a little creative this year when Mount Sunapee was closed on Christmas Day because of the warm weather.

His solution: he put on a wet suit and a pair of water skis and rode the wake of a boat operated by Dan Wolf.

Video provided by Bev Wolf.

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