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Kayakers Oppose Proposed Mascoma Dam

Normally this wouldn’t be the time of year to talk about kayaking and canoeing, as the rivers are normally covered in ice, but this year, things are a little different as we follow up on a story we brought you last month. Kayakers and canoers on the Mascoma River are expressing their concern over a proposed dam that would provide hydroelectricity from a spot on the river in Lebanon New Hampshire.

According to the Valley News, Grafton Hydro LLC had filed for a permit earlier this year to analyze how feasible and effective a dam on the Mascoma River would be, located behind the town’s Village Apartments.

This particular section of river is home to Class IV and V rapids that provide a challenge to advanced paddlers in the area. Earlier this month, multiple boating groups filed for an intervention into the petition, arguing that their boating route would be essentially ruined by the new dam.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is considering both the permit as well as the opposition’s petition.

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