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Kearsarge High Students Compete Gingerbread Houses

As you most likely know, gingerbread extends beyond being a simple cookie, it’s a building material and students at the Kearsarge Regional High School put their construction skills to the test yesterday.

After students, staff, and teachers voted and the ballots were counted, senior Merredith Tatro’s of New London was crowned winner with her lighthouse she built for this year’s Gingerbread House competition at the school.

Freshmen Chase Lucas and Reilly Maskalenko, both from Springfield, took second and third place respectively for both building  gingerbread log cabins. In all, thirty three students in the Culinary Arts levels one and two classes started making their gingerbread houses from scratch on November 30.

Students had to come up with a design, make a template for it, bake the gingerbread, assemble the delicious pieces, and finally decorate the gingerbread houses by December 22.

The holiday tradition started by Culinary Arts teacher Keith Brooks is now in its 18th year at the school.

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