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West Hartford’s New Library Facing Budget Cuts

Employees of the West Hartford Library could face a major cut in hours if proposed budget cuts are approved, just one year after the nearly million dollar building was opened to the public.

The Hartford Selectboard is set to review the proposal one final time, which aims to cut the library’s budget by approximately two-thirds – or $15,000 dollars. If approved by the board, the budget would then go in front of the town for final approval.

The West Hartford Library was destroyed back in 2011 during Tropical Storm Irene, and was rebuilt with help from both local and federal funding. But with a new building came extended hours – and therefore added expenses – with the library going from 27 operating hours a week in 2010 to 33 hours currently.

The town’s library system has historically been continuous among voters, with funds being allocated to three additional locations in the Hartford Village Public Library, the Quechee Public Library and the Wilder Club and Public Library.

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