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Seldon Technologies Bought by Las Vegas Company

A Windsor-based water-purification company that abruptly shut its doors and laid off all 32 employees back in September has been acquired by a Las Vegas business.

Seldon Technologies, a former developer of water filtration devices, saw both its contents and intelectual property sold at auction earlier this month – though the winner of that auction chose to remain anonymous at the time.

According to the Valley News, Las Vegas-based Carbon Block Technologies won with a bid of between $2 and $2.5-million dollars, and plans to incorporate Seldon’s technology into their own line of products. The building that housed the company at 31 Depot Avenue was not part of the auction, and is still co-owned by Seldon founder Alan Cummings.

As for the company’s 32 former employees, in an interview with the Valley News, Carbon Block Executive Vice President Jennifer Rice said her company would be interested in hiring former Seldon workers if they would relocate to Nevada.

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