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Newport Approves Cost Increase for EMS Service

A follow-up on a story we’ve been covering for some time as the Newport selectboard Monday night unanimously voted to increase the fees charged to both residents and non-residents for use of its ambulance service. {B}

The changes, which will take effect Jan. 1, will increase the fees charges to those within Newport by approximately 28-percent, with non-residents to see an increase of 32-percent.

A previous proposal was seen as being too much of an increase and was cut in half before going to vote. While the new rate does include non-residents, contracts from neighboring Goshen and Unity have not yet been signed for coverage of those communities.

Sunapee has also utilized Newport’s ambulance service in the past, with half of its service coming from the Sunshine Town, and the other half being covered by New London Hospital’s ambulance service.

Town officials say fees have remained constant over the last three years, despite less coverage from Medicare leaving a deficiency in rates.

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