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Croydon Finalizes Plans to Withdraw From SAU 43

Staying in New Hampshire, but now in Croydon, which has been making big headlines recently in our region, including the controversial funding of private school tuition, but also because of its plan to withdraw from SAU 43.

The latest development: town authorities have officially signed an amended withdrawal plan, which will now be sent to New Hampshire Board of Education for review.

The Croydon SAU Withdrawal Committee met Monday night to discuss some minor changes to the withdrawal draft, and after having reviewed the changes and approving the document as a whole, the members of the Committee signed the plan.

Hearings are scheduled in January to further discuss the withdrawal, including a review with SAU officials and superintendent Cindy Gallagher.

The withdrawal serves to make Croydon more efficient as a single district without Newport, but the town’s expenses would increase as a result.

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