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Lebanon Mulls Mechanic Street Rotaries

An update on a story we brought you earlier this year as the latest discussion in the city of Lebanon is focused on the busy Mechanic Street.

The popular road is the main corridor between I-89 Miracle Mile region and the downtown heart of Lebanon may be receiving not one, but two new rotaries at two intersections along the road, which would aid in traffic flow and safety.

The first one would be where Mechanic Street, also known as Route 4, is fed by Slayton Hill Road and Mascoma Street near Alice Peck Day Hospital, where traffic turning onto Mascoma Street must deal with a one way underneath a train bridge.

The second would be further down where Mechanic Street meets High Street and the end of Mascoma Street, which you can see here.

The plans are not without complications, as there isn’t quite enough room to install two rotaries at either site, so the city must seize land around them, including possibly levelling an existing business.

The Lebanon Planning Board will continue to examine the project well into next year.

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