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Newport School Board Finalizes Withdrawal Plan

The Newport School Board finalized plans Wednesday night to withdraw from SAU 43 and form its own single-town school district. The formal proposal will now go to the New Hampshire Board of Education, and if approved, would be put in front of voters come March elections.

At that point, if at least 60-percent of voters support the proposal, the new single-town district would take effect for the start of next school year.

SAU 43 currently incorporates both the towns of Newport and Croydon, though Croydon is also in the process of withdrawing. Newport voted last March to pursue the possibility of withdrawing after Croydon refused to cover an additional 3-percent of overall expenses to bring the district’s current arrangement up to date.

Currently, Newport pays 90 percent and Croydon covers 10, but new enrollment and property value figures estimate Croydon should pay about $25,000 more.

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