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Gym Space Hard to Come By in Claremont

Now that the winter sports season is in full swing, both community groups and one private school are finding it hard to book practice time on the basketball court here in Claremont.

With both varsity and JV programs at the high school, and A & B teams at the middle school level, teams haven taken to the courts of the conveniently located Claremont Savings Bank Community Center for regular practices. But the overflow has displaced teams that have counted on those facilities in the past, including youth programs as well as basketball teams from Claremont Christian Academy.

In the past, teams would utilize the Junior Sports League building on School Street, but the building is up for sale by the city after having been deemed unsafe.

As a solution, the Claremont School District offered up courts at its elementary schools, though both the Disnard and Maple Avenue schools already have events scheduled after the new year.

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