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Decision Good News For Croydon School District

The town of Croydon received some good news earlier this week in the form of a letter sent from a Strafford County Superior Court Judge.

In the letter, Judge Brian Tucker announced he had denied an injunction filed by the New Hampshire Board of Education to order Croydon to immediately cease funding the tuition of students attending a nearby private school.

The letter cited removing the students from the private Newport Montessori School wouldn’t be ideal during the middle of the school year, and that the decision was not based on the merits of the law. A tentative hearing on legal aspects will be held Jan. 13.

Both parties met in Exeter late last month to argue their sides on the injunction, which came about when the school board ignored a “cease and desist” order filed by the Attorney General’s Office to stop funding the tuition of the four students.

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