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Budget Specifics Unveiled at Windsor Town Forum

Residents of Windsor got their first glimpse at a potential proposed budget for the fiscal year 2017 Tuesday night during a lengthy public forum at the Windsor Welcome Center.

And while a formal proposal has yet to been drawn up, Town Manager Tom Marsh was able to talk some specifics according to the Eagle Times. One new proposal in the estimated $14-million-dollar budget will be the installation of a rainy day fund that would include 10-percent of the overall budget – or $400-thousand dollars.

The fund would make good on a new policy established by town officials to create a municipal reserve fund. Marsh also touched on several other plans within the town during the two-hour meeting, including the spending of some $11-million dollars toward municipal road improvements and infrastructure projects.

Almost $5-million dollars of that expense is being covered by grants, including $1.9-million from FEMA.

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