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Number of Homeless Claremont Students Increasing

News out of Claremont that may come as an eye opener to some. Homelessness among Claremont’s schools is on the rise, with an increase of roughly 40 students meeting the legal definition of homeless from the end of last school year to spring this year.

To put that in perspective, 12 percent of all students in Claremont schools are homeless. The Eagle Times reports that this year, these numbers are increasing ever higher, and the Claremont School Board is looking to address the issue Wednesday during their school board meeting.

Assistant Superintendent Cory LeClair told the Eagle that she hopes the board will receive enough information on this important issue to urge the district into hiring two social workers to assist students affected by homelessness, domestic violence, or jailed parents.

The school board meeting is being held Wednesday night at 7 PM.

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