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Lebanon Approves New Dartmouth Coach Terminal

In Lebanon, commuters along a certain bus line may now have an extra stop. Dartmouth Coach will soon have another terminal on Labombard Road, after their site plan was approved Monday.

The Valley News reports that the plan was met with unanimous approval and would be built on the site of the former Miller Chevrolet Cadillac dealership, which was purchased by Concord Coach Lines back in 2014.

The building would be demolished and would house a 5,500 square foot building with additional space for vehicle parking. The Dartmouth Coach has three current stops in our area, and strives primarily to connect the Upper Valley and Boston.

The three stops are at New London’s I-89 Exit 12, Hanover’s Dartmouth College, and Lebanon’s Etna Road.

The new facility on Labombard Road will be roughly 3 times bigger than the Etna Road location and would sit about a mile away from the terminal there.

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