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Hartland’s Three Corners Receiving Facelift

Drivers who travel through Hartland may have to look an extra direction before turning at the town’s notable intersection. Known as the Three Corners intersection, the meeting of Route 5, Route 12, and Quechee Road will soon be under construction that will change it to a four way intersection.

However, an intersection aptly named the Four Corners already exists further down Route 12.

According to the Valley News, the work will cost around half a million dollars and will commence next summer, tightening and re-aligning the roads that feed into the intersection.

Renovating the Three Corners is not a new development, as it has been in discussion since 1974 but only really came into the spotlight in 2007.

The work done to the intersection will not only aid drivers and traffic safety, but will help pedestrians cross the intersection, with crosswalks and narrower roads. No construction firm has been contracted yet but Hartland will begin advertising in April.

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