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Electrical Cable Blamed For Cornish House Fire

Nobody was injured but residents were displaced Monday night when a Cornish home abruptly caught fire. According to a press release, firefighters responded to the Cook Road home shortly before 7 o’clock Monday night to find moderate smoke but limited fire stemming from the structure.

Crews utilized a crawl space and also cut a hole in the main floor to extinguish the fire, that was eventually determined to have been caused by a faulty electrical cable running beneath the home.

Authorities say the house itself received only slight damage as a result of the incident, but that residents couldn’t return until the cable is repaired and power is restored to the home.

Firefighters from Claremont, Goshen and Meriden assisted Cornish crews on the scene, and the fire was declared under control within an hour. Cornish Fire Chief Robert Rice was in charge at the scene.

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