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Newport Students Carry Potatoes for Those in Need

Thursday in Newport, students from the Towle Elementary School walked from their school to a food pantry carrying nearly 2000 pounds of potatoes.

The students carried one thousand, 8 hundred and 80 pounds of potatoes from their school on North Main Street to the food pantry at the Hoyt Community Care Center on South Main Street. Students broke their record from  last year by collecting 79 more pounds of potatoes for this year’s potato drive.

Before the potato walk, as students brought in potatoes for the food pantry, the children were awarded necklaces and once they reached 500 pounds, the students earned a baked potato party at the school after winter vacation.

For over 20 years, Towle students, teachers, and staff have been collecting potatoes and walking the two mile round trip to the food pantry to drop off their potatoes. All in the name of local residents in need at Christmas time.

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