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Support Remains Strong For Cornish Withdrawal Plan

After a strong show of support during Tuesday night’s school board meeting, the town of Cornish is likely to vote Thursday to submit a formal plan of withdrawal from SAU 6 to the state’s Department of Education.

The SAU 6 Planning Committee will meet Thursday at 7 p.m. at the elementary school to hold the crucial vote, and if all goes as planned, will submit it plan to the state before the new year.

Officials estimate the town will save approximately $18,000 dollars in its first year as a single-town district, which if approved, would begin in July of 2017. Aside from Cornish, SAU 6 currently incorporates both Claremont and Unity.

In a single-town district, Cornish would outsource some services – including a part-time superintendent and business functions – from Plainfield’s single-town district.

If approved by the state, the proposal would then go back in front of residents for one final vote in March.

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