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Lebanon Files Motion to Dismiss Airport Lawsuit

The city of Lebanon has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit requesting that two new hazard beacons located near the airport be shut down.

The beacons were installed last month as part of a long-term airport safety project, but were met with criticism among residents of Poverty Lane where one of the beacons was erected.

One resident went so far as to file an injunction in Grafton Superior Court to halt the project, but the city finished installation none-the-less, before activating the beacons November 24.

The city has argued it was within its rights as landowners to construct the beacons, and that all necessary permits were obtained. Representatives from both sides met Monday in North Haverhill to present their cases to a judge, who now has 60 days to make a ruling.

The two beacons span 90-feet tall, with one standing along Poverty Lane, and the other located in a wooded area south of the airport.

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