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Sunapee School Board Hears Concerns on Bullying

School bullying has been in the forefront of school board discussions all across the nation and remains to be a serious issue to students, teachers, and parents.

Wednesday night in Sunapee New Hampshire, parents came out in droves to the school board meeting to voice concerns about school bullying in the SAU 85 Sunapee school system.

This was the second meeting of the sort, as parents wished to act on concerns from their kids that they were being bullied not only by other students, but by teachers and even some administrators. In October of this year, flyers were distributed by an unknown source on the windshields of cars, asking parents to attend the school board meetings on November 4th and December 2nd.

Some parents mentioned that the bullying is not a new issue, it had been going on for almost a decade.

The school board chair reminded parents that voicing public comment at a school board meeting is not the right method for actively addressing the issue and should instead follow the proper steps of contacting individual members of the faculty.

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