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Claremont School Board Still Waiting For Budget Proposal

Right here in Claremont, members of the city’s school board are still waiting to hear a formal budget proposal for the upcoming school year with just weeks left before a scheduled public hearing on the topic.

The board met Wednesday night with the principals of the city’s schools and Stevens athletic director Doug Beaupre to discuss their budget needs, and scheduled two additional meetings to form a proposal before the public hearing Jan. 6.

The first of which will be a workshop held Dec. 12, with a second meeting scheduled for Dec. 16. Among contentious points are a proposed $69,000-dollar overall increase in the high school’s budget, as well as an additional $11,000 dollars to cover the cost of lights during night games at Barnes, Monadnock and Veterans Parks.

The city used to cover those expenses, but has since asked the school to cover the costs.

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