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Judge Approves Quechee Development

Quechee Vermont may soon seen a large commercial and residential center that may bring in around 300 jobs in the area.

The Vermont Standard reports that Scott Milne of Pomfret Vermont who is partnered with B&M Realty LLP, proposed a large development called the Quechee Highlands, which was approved in October of 2012 by the Hartford planning commission.

Recently, Vermont Superior Court Judge Thomas Walsh within the environmental division of the state’s court ruled in favor of the commercial and residential development, saying it complies with the state’s Act 250. This piece of Vermont legislature works to monitor and mitigate environmental impacts of developments based on their size.

Milne’s approved development will bring retail space, office space, a restaurant, and 50 residential units on around 170 acres of land owned by B&M Realty.

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