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Claremont Planned Parenthood Reopens After Vandalisms

Monday marked the first day Claremont’s Planned Parenthood has been open in more than a month after it was extensively damaged by a vandal for the second time in two weeks.

Police say an unidentified juvenile broke into the facility during the early morning hours of Oct. 21, and used a hatchet to cause extensive damage to walls, equipment and plumbing fixtures that also flooded a neighboring business. That incident came two weeks after a vandal spray-painted the word “murderer” on front windows of the Pleasant Street office.

The office’s reopening also comes just three days after a shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood left three people dead.

The organization’s vice president of public affairs Jennifer Frizzell acknowledged that tragedy during prepared remarks at Monday’s reopening, saying that “despite the tragic events of the past weekend and unfortunate vandalism in the Claremont community last month, our first priority is always the safety and health of our patients.”

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