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Windsor Meets on Act 46

A meeting was held in Windsor Wednesday night to discuss Vermont’s controversial Act 46. The meeting was between the Southeast Supervisory Union Act 46 Study Committee, which is a board made up of 16 members. The towns in the Supervisory Union, Windsor, West Windsor, Hartland, and Weathersfield, each appointed four individuals to the Study Committee, with at least one school board member to represent each town.

The Committee and the public met at 6 PM at the Windsor High School to discuss moving forward under Act 46 and concluded that they will be accepting a grant from the state of Vermont to hire an education consultant to assist.

The Committee will review candidates for the education consultant position starting on December 15th, and will meet again with the public in January with the newly hired consultant.

The Act 46 discussion is one that is still very much developing in towns all across Vermont and we will continue to follow it as it develops.

Footage courtesy of Windsor on Air Television

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