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Hartford Approves New Apartment Building

The Hartford Planning Commission earlier this week approved plans to construct an 88-unit, $6.4-million dollar residential development along Sykes Mountain Avenue.

Vermont construction company Black Rock will oversee the project, which will encompass 88 apartment units in four separate buildings. The project was met with minimal concerns by residents over limiting the possible traffic impact of the additional units. Town officials and developers agreed to address those concerns, though, by routing traffic installing additional entrances and exits into the development.

Black Rock will also install a new bus stop within the development, though it will not construct sidewalks as initially recommended by the town. The 11-acre property currently houses a farmhouse built in the 1800s, and a newer residential home which are both vacant.

Black Rock now has six months to address minor technical concerns before it receives its permit, and then an additional six months to begin construction.

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