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Dartmouth College Tests Alarm System

Officials tested Dartmouth College’s Outdoor Mass Notification System Wednesday afternoon along with its DartAlert system capable of messaging staff and students in the case of an emergency.

The test was held at approximately 3 o’clock this afternoon in conjunction with the Town of Hanover, with the school’s sirens and loudspeakers being heard more than 10-miles outside of the college’s campus.

The test lasted a little more than five minutes to the dismay of those who live and work in the area, though campus officials acknowledged it went on without a hitch. DartAlert is used by college officials to notify students and faculty in the case of an emergency, and is also capable of sending automated text messages to those in its database.

College officials notified residents of the test with posts on its web site and social media, apologizing profusely for any disruptions caused as a result.

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