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Claremont Property Taxes Set at Increased Rate

Homeowners within Claremont can expect a subtle increase in their property taxes next year thanks to new rates set Tuesday by the Department of Revenue Administration. The city’s new rate of slightly more than $41 dollars per every $1,000 dollars of a home’s assessed value comes at increase of 14 cents from the current rate.

Breaking that down further, the average homeowner of a single-family home in Claremont will face an increase of about $17 per year in their property taxes. Claremont’s taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief in other areas, however, as the municipal tax rate and county tax rate will all face decreases next year.

The municipal rate will see a decrease of 17 cents, with the county rate falling by about 25 cents. Quarterly tax bills are expected to be in the mail soon, with first payments due by January 2.

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