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Claremont Displays Christmas Spirit

Here in Claremont, even though we’re more than a week away from a day filled with turkey and giving thanks, volunteers are already preparing for the holiday season and its “Heart of Claremont” exhibit at Broad Street Park.

The Claremont Citizens Groups has transformed the park into a virtual winter wonderland for more than 30 years, lighting and decorating its massive pine tree and bandstand, while also bringing inflatable decorations and hundreds of lights. That process has already begun for this holiday season, with volunteers having already transported various lights and other decorations into the park.

The non-profit organization made headlines earlier this year when it attempted to bring a pumpkin festival to Claremont, though those plans eventually fall through at least for this fall. The Claremont Citizens Group is always seeking new volunteers, and can be reached by visiting their Facebook page.

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