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Historic Fence in Woodstock Damaged in Truck Crash

A significant portion of an antique fence located along the town green in Woodstock was damaged Monday during a crash involving two trucks.

According to the police report, 41-year-old Garrett Decato of Lebanon collided with 41-year-old Justin Kenney’s truck shortly before 10 a.m. Monday morning, causing the vehicles to lock together and crash into the cast iron fence.

The two then engaged in a loud verbal argument that ended when police say Kenney – of Maine – kicked Decato and then punched him twice.

Kenney was charged with simple assault, and is scheduled to appear in Windsor County Superior Court on Dec. 22. The cast iron fence dates back to 1878, with damages estimated at approximately $40,000. Town officials have said they will install a temporary fence next week while arrangements are worked out with the driver’s’ insurance companies.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call the Woodstock Police Department at 802- 457-1420.

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