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Cornish Finalizes Plan for Single School District

Following up on a story we first brought you late last month, a committee tasked with studying the potential seccession of the Cornish School District from SAU 6 has reached a preliminary decision, and plans to present a final plan to voters during a public forum later this month.

Voters approved the creation of the seccession committee during elections last March to study the costs associated with leaving SAU 6. Currently, SAU 6 consists of Claremont, Unity and Cornish. In order to make a single-town school district possible, Cornish would enter partnerships with both Plainfield – for use of its superintendent and business staff – and Windsor – for technological assistance.

If the November 19th public forum is met with encouraging feedback, town officials would then submit their plan to the state’s Board of Education for approval. The plan would then go to vote in town elections – and if approved – a new standalone district would in place by July 1st of 2017.

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