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Vermont Yankee Pulling $6.6 Million From Fund

In energy news where Entergy Vermont Yankee has expressed its intent to draw nearly 7 million dollars from its decommissioning fund: According to the Brattleboro Reformer, Vermont Yankee contacted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with intent to draw the exact amount of 6.6 million dollars from the trust fund in order to pay the facility’s property tax bill of 1.2 million dollars and to pay 6 million to the state of Vermont.

As of October of this year, Vermont Yankee had around 600 million dollars in the trust fund, with a handful of that money being used to handle the facility’s spent fuel, in light of the plant’s closing last December in 2014.

Entergy has 60 years to cleanup the site and Entergy officials have stated that everything they are doing fits within the NRC’s guidelines and that the costs so far have all been accounted for in an earlier estimate.

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