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Northfield, Vermont Bus Driver Charged With DUI

A 34-year-old Northfield man pleaded not guilty Tuesday during his arraignment at the Windsor Superior Court to charges of driving a school bus while under the influence of alcohol.

According to court documents, Brett Jenkinson made his plea through his attorney, and is now due back in court January 6th for a probable-cause hearing. Jenkinson was arrested by Vermont State Police earlier this month after a school employee smelled alcohol on his breath prior to a field trip from Whitcomb Junior-Senior High School in Bethel, Vermont down to Boston.

Jenkinson was found with a blood alcohol level of between .09 and .10, which is well over the .02 limit for a school-bus driver. Jenkinson told police at the time that he had one glass of wine with dinner the night before, and hadn’t had a drink since midnight.

Approximately 25 students were slated to make the 2-and-a-half-hour ride on Jenkinson’s bus to attend the musical Cinderella.

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