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Two Single Car Accidents Friday Morning Leave One Dead

Tragic news out of Newport and Springfield tonight where two separate single car accidents occurred early Friday morning, resulting in one fatality. According to a press release, a car burst into flames after crossing the centerline of John Stark Highway in Newport and hitting a tree.

The driver of the vehicle and one dog accompanying the driver were both pronounced dead at the scene. A second dog was taken from the scene to a local veterinary clinic to be treated for injuries. Meanwhile, in Springfield, a Claremont man was in a similar crash where he veered off the road heading North on I-91 and hit a tree where his vehicle then caught on fire.

The crash occurred around 1 AM this morning and two fellow motorists, Michael Lajoie and his daughter Marie, saw the burning car and helped remove 66 year old Gene Farnham from the burning vehicle.

Farnham was transported to Springfield Emergency with non life threatening injuries.

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