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Hanover Street Vendors Can Now Renew Their Spots

The Hanover Selectboard voted Wednesday night to allow downtown street vendors the ability to renew their spots rather than rely on the current first-come, first-served policy.

The board voted 4-to-1 in favor of allowing three vendors – who currently set up outside Town Hall – the right of first refusal on what’s considered the premier spots in town. Vendors will still pay $1,200 for nine-month placements that renew each November.

The ordinance, which has not yet taken effect, will change a previous policy that forced the vendors to be the first at their spots each year in order to file for placement. Merchants say the provision is critical to their success, though town officials have said there has been little to no competition for the spots in recent years.

The board still must approve specific language within the provision before its implementation, including potential changes that would allow the town to reject a vendors’ permit during downtown fairs. The selectboard will next meet November 2.

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