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Claremont Planned Parenthood Vandalized Second Time in One Month

A developing story after the Planned Parenthood right here in Claremont was struck by a vandal for the second time this month. Claremont Police say they arrested an unidentified juvenile early Wednesday morning after he was found inside the Pleasant Street building with a hatchet and a can of spray paint.

According to a press release, damage to the Planned Parenthood office was extensive, with numerous computers and plumbing fixtures smashed, shattered windows, and broken office and medical equipment. Flooding from the damaged plumbing fixtures also damaged the Tremont House of Pizza located next door, though the restaurant was open by mid afternoon.

Police said they are still trying to determine if the incident is connected with vandalism found earlier this month, where the word “murderer” was spray painted on the building.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England VP Jennifer Frizzell said after that incident that the crime was the first in New Hampshire since the recent escalation of attacks against the organization.

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