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Great Pumpkin Race in New London Pits Decorated Pumpkins in Road Race

Many of you may have noticed various pumpkin people in towns around our area. No, not people who like pumpkins, but rather, recreations of people with pumpkins for heads, propped up in various life-like poses. But what about if you took a pumpkin and put wheels on it?

Over a half a dozen decorated pumpkin race cars came for the third annual New London Recreation Department’s Great Pumpkin Race in New London on Friday. The Batmobile, R2D2 and a bumblebee were just a few of the pumpkin race cars that came to Gould Road to see which pumpkin was the fastest.

The homemade racers were lined up, let go, and rolled in a not so straight line to the finish. Parents and children alike cheered for their favorite pumpkin, as it careened down the slightly-inclined hill.

Ribbons were given out after the race to everyone who raced a pumpkin.

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