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Croydon School Board Defends Decision Against AG’s Office

We begin tonight with yet another follow-up on the on-going saga between the town of Croydon and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

The Croydon School Board defended its decision Wednesday night to continue funding the tuition of five students attending a private school in Newport. The state’s Attorney General’s Office issued a “cease-and-desist” order to the Croydon Select Board to immediately stop the practice, saying public tax dollars can’t be used to fund students attending private schools.

The select board responding saying that state law requires the board to follow the school district’s protocol, and that the AG’s letter should probably be directed to the school board itself.

The school board also responded to the Attorney General’s office late last month, and is planning for what could be a lengthy tie up in court.

The Croydon School Board began allowing parents choose their children’s school last year beyond the fourth grade, and currently five students attended the Newport Montessori School rather than the town’s public schools.

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