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Seldon Technologies Pays Back Loans to Windsor

WINDSOR – We begin tonight with a follow-up on a story we first brought you Wednesday evening on the closing of Seldon Technologies in Windsor, Vermont, that left 32 people without work.

According to Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh, the company that manufactured water-purification devices has paid back all of its loans to the town’s revolving loan funds. The Valley News reports that the fund loaned Seldon $350,000 during its 12-year run, and was set to loan an additional $175,000.

The company’s headquarters were based at the Windsor Technology Park on Depot Avenue, which is co-owned by Seldon founder Alan Cummings. Seldon was founded in 2002, and eventually bought out by a South African company in 2013. Seldon was recently awarded a $20-million dollar, five-year contract by a Mexican company to supply water purification devices to underprivileged schools.

There’s still no word on what will come of that contract in light of the closing.

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