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Seldon Technologies in Winsor Shuts Down; 32 Employees Laid Off

WINDSOR – Employees of Seldon Technologies in Windsor received some bad news Monday when they were told the company would immediately be ceasing operations.

According to the Valley News, all 32 employees of the company’s Windsor facility were laid off after a 10 a.m. staff meeting with a board of directors representative, with several telling the newspaper they would not be receiving any sort of severance package.

Seldon manufactures water purification devices, and was founded in 2002 on the ideas of a Dartmouth College graduate student. It was bought out by a South African company in 2013.

The company had been in financial stress in recent years, but was thought to be on the mend after having been awarded a $20-million dollar, five-year contract by a Mexican company to supply water purification devices to schools in that country. The company has not yet said what will come of that contract in light of the closing.

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