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Burnt Out Claremont Restaurant Demolished

CLAREMONT – Drivers along Main Street in Claremont may have noticed that a certain building is no longer there. In September of last year, a fire broke out in Joey’s By the River, a local restaurant, and deemed the building a total loss.

It stood there for around a year and since Monday, the city has been tearing down the old building and removing the debris. Monday, the building was demolished and today, crews are continuing to cut apart the foundation, which is perched over the Sugar River.

On Tuesday crews used excavators, dump-trucks, and large storage containers to remove the debris from the foundation and move it to another site for disposal.

A worker on the site told YCN News that they do not know for how much longer the project will take, as they encountered parts of the demolition that they did not foresee. The demolition is not obstructing any traffic along main street and does not offer any delays to commuters.

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