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Croydon Selectboard Offers Official Response to “Cease & Desist” Letter

We begin tonight – once again – with an update on the ongoing saga between the town of Croydon, New Hampshire and the state’s attorney general’s office.

The Croydon Selectboard issued an official response Tuesday night to a “cease-and-desist” letter it received from the AG’s office earlier this month, accusing the town of illegally using taxpayer funds to pay students’ tuition at private schools.

According to a letter senter to the Attorney General’s office obtained by WNTK, the selectboard board wrote that they have no direct role in the issue, and that the state’s letter seems to apply to the Croydon School Board and not select board.

The select board wrote that the only role they have is in the collection of school funds through taxation, and the payment of those funds to the Croydon School District.

The board closed the letter by saying it will continue to follow state law and pay all school funds to the district. Currently, the district pays the tuition of five students to the Newport Montessori School.

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