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Winconsin Governor Scott Walker Leaves Presidential Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker has called it quits, dropping out of the 2016 race. The Wisconsin Governor made the announcement during a news conference on Monday, saying that he will suspend his campaign immediately.

Reasons for the campaign suspension include lackluster performances in both debates and to focus his efforts on supporting the eventual nominated candidate. Here is footage of Governor Walker in Sunapee on August 21st.

The announcement follows last week’s second Republican debate hosted by CNN. Walker’s drop-out leaves the Republican presidential candidate total number at 15.

Meanwhile, regarding the rest of the Republican party, Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls with 32.7 percent favorability according to the Huffington Post. Ben Carson has taken the current number two spot with 15.6 percent and Jeb Bush is in number three with 8.2 percent.

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