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Sunapee Police Report Five Arrests at Sobriety Checkpoints

Following up on a story we first brought you late last month, the Sunapee Police Department stopped 144 vehicles and made five arrests as part of a sobriety checkpoint authorized by the Sullivan County Superior Court.

According to a press release, the checkpoint was located along Route 11 in Sunapee near the Newport town line, and was conducted from 9 o’clock Friday night until about 3 a.m. Saturday morning.

Of the five arrests made, only one was as a result of intoxicated driving – though the driver was later released as their blood-alcohol level was under the legal limit.

Three arrests were made due to the presence of controlled drugs, with a fourth made as a result of a minor possessing alcohol.

The New Hampshire State Police and Sunapee Police Department say they will continue to collaborate and utilize sobriety checkpoints to deter, detect and remove impaired drivers from New Hampshire roadways.

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