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Trail Ride Review: Newport Pinnacle Trails

There wasn’t a whole lot going on in the high-school sports world last night given all that rain, so YCN News anchor Kurt Wehde headed out to the Pinnacle Trails over in Newport for the latest in his series of local mountain bike trail reviews.

The trails are made for hiking as well and pass by a ski jump used by the Newport High School team. One unique feature right off the bat is a boardwalk that travels over a small pond and is a harrowing ride, with the railing missing in some places. It had rained the day before so the wood was slippery and Kurt felt seconds away from making a splash in the murky water. We’d recommend riding this feature only in dry weather.

The trails are interlaced with the vast frisbee golf course situated in the forest and the network of biking and hiking trails is incredibly vast. Kurt only touched a handful of them on this particular ride and knew that we had only scratched the surface. There is a lot of terrain here, with multiple trailheads and various loops. The Pinnacle Trails are positioned on a gentle slope so there is a gentle uphill as you make your way further into the forest.

But of course, uphill means downhill on the way back and Kurt enjoyed the descent, as the trails offered a good mix of terrain from rocky technical area to bluestone gravel to hardened dirt.

From what he tackled on this ride, Kurt would recommend these trails to beginner to advanced, as there is some easy terrain near the bottom and gets increasingly technical as you make your way up.

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